The Peculiar Utility Manifesto

At any one point in time there’s a globe of really amazing artists, designers, musicians, architects (and other roles for whom I don’t even have the right name for) creating amazing things at the intersection of art and technology, but it’s amazingly difficult – at least for me – to find these projects and people.

I also know that at the very least, cross-pollination is the elixir that creates the conditions for a lot of these people and projects to develop truly awe-inspiring things. For all my travels, I haven’t been really successful at finding a site that brings all these disparate seekers together. I am aiming to make that site.

Therefore the goal of this site will be to draw attention to cutting edge, creative projects, people, material and technology, as well as to dive into some of the surrounding esoteria and background. The site will hopefully create connections and maybe advance some thinking in the process. More specifically, I’d like the site to explore the specialized software, programming languages and tangible technologies implemented or in development and how people are using them to create art, design or other sorts of composition that are beyond what’s commonly thought possible – even explore some of the historical projects, people and ideas that what we do now is built on.

Conversely, the site will not talk about things like minimalist interior design, the history of common typefaces, Basel Art Fair “contemporary” art, design mantras, the 10 best WordPress plugins or explore handmade craftsmanship as a pursuit in itself. There’s plenty of sites out there for each of them, one more site isn’t as necessary.

And most importantly, I’d like this to be for the artists and maybe someday also by the artists. Further, I hope the posts might become a sort of place where ideas can be further considered and expanded, so comments on.

This probably won’t be easy and currently I’m just one person. So, fellow traveler, experimenter, and/or innovator, if you see something that fits with the tenants above, please send it to me and I’ll do my best to share.  After all, it was the artists, while not always inventing technology, who were the trailblazers in showing the world what new developments could do – and that still holds but now we should be doing a better job of knitting a global community to share and advance.